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About Cadran Analytics

In early 2018, Cadran Analytics was founded as a sister company of Cadran Consultancy. Cadran is an Oracle Platinum partner that has been implementing ERP software at organizations throughout the Benelux since 1998. In addition, Cadran is co-founder of Redfaire International, an international organization with a network of more than 750 consultants in 23 countries around the world.

Data power through ERP roots

Cadran Analytics therefore originates from the world of ERP. Our years of experience with ERP systems and implementation help us, together with our customers, to get more out of their business data. We understand better than anyone where the biggest opportunities for your business lie, how to bring data from different data sources together, and what insights create real value for your business.

We do this with Tableau and Power BI. We love these tools because the software allows our customers to work with data themselves without deep programming knowledge.


What do we do?

Our goal is to be able to help any kind of company implement and maintain an appropriate Business Intelligence / Analytics solution. Thanks to the many years of experience Cadran has with setting up business processes for all kinds of customers, we are able to quickly understand the issues from your business and create appropriate data analyses and visualizations for you.

Our team consists of data scientists and consultants with extensive experience in programming, mathematics, economics and business. This allows us to first fully understand a company’s needs and recognize its challenges, and then provide the tools and insights that it needs to make the most of its data.

Contact us

Cadran Analytics
De Beek 7
3871 MS Hoevelaken

Tel: +31 (0)33 2471599
E-mail: info@cadran-analytics.nl

You can reach us on Monday till Friday between 9am and 5:30pm CEST.



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