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Alternative Tableau Applications

We have written quite a few blog posts at this point about using Tableau and how it can be applied to gain more insight into, for example, finances or logistics within a company. Data visualization is also very interesting and relevant outside of business. On Tableau Public you can find a gallery with endless inspiration and here we have contributed our part, with a visualization that gives insight into the fish stocks in the North Sea. The data used for this comes from the CLO (Compendium voor de Leefomgeving) in the Netherlands and from the WUR (Wageningen University and Research). These dashboard can be a good way to present this kind of data in a more convenient way, which could be used in reporting by different agencies or in education.

A dashboard like the one we published can be used in several ways:

  • As a visualization of scientific research results.
  • To provide information on generally relevant topics, such as the environment.
  • To provide education and clarify complex topics for everyone.