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  • Tableau partner for Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Cadran Analytics ‘2019 Rising Star’ as Tableau Partner!

Last week at Tableau’s yearly EMEA Partner Kick-Off, we received the award for 2019 Rising Star! The explanation given was that in our first full year as a partner we have made very good progress and completed an impressive amount of Tableau implementations.

Our Tableau journey started in 2018, when we were looking for the BI / Analytics platform with which we can best help our customers in visualising / analysing data. After having extensively researched the different platforms on user-friendliness, support, community, scalability and cost, Tableau emerged as the winner. We are still very glad we made this choice, also because we are supported by an excellent team from Tableau!

In 2020 we will further increase our Tableau knowledge / expertise and we are going to extend our team. For our customers, we will focus on getting the most value out of Tableau by for example looking at predictive analytics (like machine learning) and embedded analytics (for example customer portals). This way, at the beginning op 2021 we will be able to look back to another successful year!