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Tableau Conference Europe (TCE) 2019

That it is possible for very high expectations to be exceeded, once again became clear during this weeks’ Tableau Conference Europe (TCE) 2019. As it was the first time I attended this event, my expectations were mostly based on the stories I heard about this conference. These stories were all very positive, and everyone told me that if I attended TCE once, I would return every following year.

The enthusiastic Tableau community is mainly what made TCE 2019 an unforgettable experience for me. Of course I already had some experience with this community, for example by reading blogs, by receiving very quick and elaborate answers on the Tableau Community Forums, and by viewing interesting visualisations on Tableau public. But the only way to get to know the Tableau community, is by attending TCE. The enthusiasm at this event is unparalleled by any other conference that I know of. The Tableau users, Tableau partners and of course the people from Tableau, all have interesting stories about what Tableau means for them.

From the customer sessions I have attended BMW, Siemens and Deloitte. To give an impression: BMW uses Tableau (among others) for analysing data from testdrives. This used to be time-consuming and error-prone, but Tableau allows these analysis to be performed quickly and also allows for more in-depth analysis. By analysing these testdrive data with Tableau, potential errors can quickly be found and it can be figured out what the root cause is of the problem and how this can be solved.

There are also plenty of interesting workshops which you can attend at TCE. I went to a workshop about integrating R and Python into Tableau. These integrations give Tableau unlimited possibilities, for example in performing statistical analyses. In R you can perform every statistical analysis imaginable, so Tableau therefore also has these possibilities. For us this is very beneficial, as we have a lot of R knowledge at Cadran.

As Tableau develops new functionalities very often and also quickly, a couple of announcements for new features are made at each Tableau event. For me, the most interesting announcement of this event was that R and Python scripts can be added in a Tableau Prep workflow. This was already possible in Tableau itself, but by having the power and flexibility of R and Python in Tableau Prep, there are now also unlimited possibilities for creating an ETL flow.Salesforce was of course also mentioned during the event, as the announcement of the acquisition last week was big news to all attendees (the acquisition still has to be approved of course). Not much is going to change though, as Tableau will operate independently under the Tableau brand. This is good news of course, as this allows Tableau to keep up the good work. The acquisition will however enable Tableau to focus on the long term and be even more innovative, which is great news.

Concluding, TCE 2019 was a great success. Because of the enthusiastic Tableau community, the interesting Tableau client presentations, the useful workshops and the interesting announcements, I had a great time at this event. I can recommend anyone to participate in TCE 2020. You will definitely see me there!