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Machine learning at Arcadis

For Arcadis, we developed a machine learning model which gives predictions, on a continuous basis, on the total cost of their projects. The prediction helps the Project Manager in deciding whether a project should change course. In order to develop this machine learning model, we collected data from several sources. The predictions are visualised in a dashboard which can be accessed by project managers.

“We started the project with some brainstorm sessions during which we defined an approach based on the available data. This resulted in the development of a machine learning algorithm. The end-user is key for us; based on their continuous feedback on our approach, we developed an insightful dashboard. We are very pleased with the support Cadran Analytics gave us during this project. Jelle and his team understand very well how our business works and how to take this into account when performing data analyses.”

Oscar van der Vaart, Business Process Manager at Arcadis