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  • Unleash the potential of your data

Endless possibilities with R + Shiny dashboards

From simple dashboards to advanced algorithms, the combination of R and Shiny results in endless possibilities.

Shiny demo

There are two types of services we provide with R + Shiny:

  • Predictive Analytics: is there an aspect of your business where having a data driven indication of the future would provide value? As we have years of experience in processing data and performing predictive modeling in the (mostly statistical) programming language R, we can help in creating this value from your data. What makes the combination R + Shiny powerful is that the obtained predictions can be visualised in an intuitive dashboard.
  • Managed BI: does your data have great potential value, but no one has time to perform the required data analyses? With Shiny we can take care of that. Based on a couple of brainstorm sessions, we can create and maintain insightful dashboards for your organisation.

Some of our customers with R + Shiny:


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