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  • Your partner for a modern Data Analytics Platform

Our services

As a Tableau partner, Cadran Analytics is a specialist in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. Cadran Analytics is a sister company of Cadran Consultancy, a company that has been implementing ERP software at companies in the Benelux for 25 years.

Our extensive experience with ERP software, helps us to work with our clients to get more out of their business data. We understand better than anyone where your biggest opportunities lie, how to bring data from different data sources together, and which insights create real value for your company.

Our methods and techniques

  • Data visualisation plays a role in almost all of our projects. In some cases you need an interactive visualisation which can not be developed in the tools you have available. In other cases we first perform a data analysis (like machine learning) after which we visualise the results for you to consider. It could also be that we develop a complete dashboard which contains many different visualisations. The most important aspect about such data visualisations is that the user understands the visualisation and knows what action to take according to the presented insights. Therefore, we make sure that the visualisations are intuitive for the end user.

  • Your data contains a potential of undiscovered information. The extraction of valuable insights is often much more difficult than it seems. The data may not be structured properly, they contain a lot of noise, or they are stored in different databases, preventing traditional applications from functioning properly. Cadran Analytics has the tools, the people, and the knowledge to help you make optimal use of your data and in revealing its underlying relations.

  • Advanced predictive models allow us to predict the future demand for your products or services. For example, we can estimate the demand for your products based on historical sales data by analyzing the underlying trends. Subsequently, we can use this information to optimize your inventory levels or staffing schedule.

  • What-if analyses are a combination of data visualisation, data analysis and machine learning. Such analyses can be interesting when you have several scenarios for the future and you wonder what the impact is of todays' decisions on the situation in a couple of days, weeks or months. We would then first analyse your data to understand the underlying relations. Thereafter we make predictions and possibly simulations to estimate the likelihood of several scenarios. Finally, the findings are visualised in such a way that allows you to make a well informed decision.