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  • Unleash the potential of your data

Analyse NetSuite data with Tableau

At Cadran, we are a NetSuite partner as well as a Tableau partner. Therefore, if you are interested in performing data analyses on your NetSuite data, you have come to the right place.

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Limitless possibilities with Tableau for NetSuite

  • Combine NetSuite data with data from other sources
  • Ad-hoc analyses on large amounts of NetSuite data
  • Advanced analytics like machine learning on NetSuite data
  • Embed Tableau dashboards in NetSuite
  • Quickly get started with our standard dashboards
  • Use the free Tableau mobile app

Why Tableau for NetSuite?

Whether you are using NetSuite for CRM, ERP or anything else, Tableau can help you get more value out of your NetSuite data. Of course NetSuite has a built-in Business Intelligence tool, which can be a great start for performing some data analyses. However, if you wish to: (i) perform analyses on NetSuite data combined with data from other systems, (ii) easily perform ad-hoc analyses on large amounts of NetSuite data or (iii) perform advanced analytics on your NetSuite data, you will need an Analytics platform like Tableau.

We create an SQL data warehouse based on your NetSuite data (and any other relevant data sources), which automatically refreshes as often as you wish. Tableau then connects to this data warehouse, after which you can create any analysis or dashboard you wish!

The Tableau dashboards can even be integrated in NetSuite, such that you can enrich NetSuite with data from other sources or with any kind of insightful analysis.

Find out why Tableau was named a Leader in the Analytics & BI Gartner Magic Quadrant for the 9th time in a row.

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