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Tableau Implementation

Using 5 essential steps

The decision has been made: you are going to get started with Tableau. And now you want to see the first results as soon as possible. Cadran Analytics has already carried out dozens of Tableau implementations. Because we work with a set roadmap, we can guarantee that not only will you get started with Tableau quickly, but that Tableau will also be embraced by all your colleagues. This is how we ensure that your company becomes truly data-driven.

Step 1: Determine the Minimum Viable Product.

First, we need to determine together what data analysis we want to perform with Tableau. During a brainstorming session, we bring together your knowledge of your business with our Business Intelligence expertise. Using whiteboards, we first let creativity run wild, then we conclude the session(s) with a concrete plan. An essential part of the Tableau implementation. We call this plan the Minimum Viable Product (MVP): the most relevant analyses with which we want to achieve quick results.

Step 2: Developing the MVP analyses.

The next step in the Tableau implementation is that we develop the MVP analyses. If you want, we can even do this together with one or more of your business analysts. We install and configure Tableau (on-premise or in the Tableau Cloud), connect data from various data sources, and develop the dashboards that are part of the MVP. Because we compare these initial analyses with your existing reports, we check and validate the data immediately. This way you can be sure that your data is correct.

Step 3: Presentation of the analyses

Once the analyses are developed, we present them to those involved within your organization. We also give a short workshop so that you can start working on adapting existing dashboards or developing completely new ones yourself. Because the analyses are already validated, we also give the necessary people access so that they can start using them daily.

Step 4: Further development

The most relevant analyses have been delivered! And you do not only have access to the reports, you also learned how to expand and customize dasboards. Because you and your colleagues have experienced the power of Tableau for yourself, you have discovered new opportunities and possibilities of BI. We can now expand existing dashboards and start using Tableau for new departments and processes.

Step 5: Aftercare

After the Tableau implementation is complete, Cadran continues to support you in your BI & Analytics needs. Are you running into something or are you simply running out of time to perform the required analyses? Or would you like your employees to be trained in using Tableau? Then we would be happy to come by and help you. Even if decide to deploy predictive analytics, we are happy to think along with you.

       Jelle Huisman Cadran Analytics

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