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Tableau: BI & Analytics for everyone

Creating dashboards in an intuitive way, easily connecting data sources, viewing insightful dashboards; Tableau is an Analytics platform which has the potential to provide value for everyone in your organization.

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Some of the possibilities of Tableau

  • Connect any datasource

    Extract data from all relevant datasources

  • Easy data preparation

    Combine datasources and calculate metrics

  • Create dashboards yourself

    Dashboard development is accessible to everyone

  • Intuitive dashboards

    Obtain valuable insights from your data

As a Tableau partner we have all the necessary resources to do a successful implementation of this much praised BI & Analytics platform. Tableau receives the highest ratings from its users and has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for nine years in a row.

Implementing Tableau is not merely a technical matter for us, but a collaboration in which we also help determining which analyses will provide the most value for your business, what the underlying data are and how we can optimally configure Tableau. As we have years of experience in applying IT solutions for all kinds of business problems/challenges, we are on the intersection of business and technology which enables us to make your Tableau implementation a success.

Advantages of Tableau

  • One of the main advantages of Tableau is that it is very intuitive / user friendly. Once eventual database connections have been made, an end user can easily start with creating dashboards without having to consult IT. Because of drag-and-drop functionality, dashboards are very easily created. There is really only one way to get convinced of this, which is to start using Tableau! Download the trial, connect to some data, and create some data visualisations. This will make you see the added value Tableau can bring to your organisation.

  • Tableau doesn't require a big upfront investment. You could for example start with 2 Creator licenses, pick 2 interesting data analyses, and start developing some informative visualisations. Once the organisation is ready to further roll out Tableau, additional licenses can be purchased and the relevant dashboards can de developed.

  • An implementation of Tableau is a matter of a couple of days. After that, the first couple of dashboards can already be developed.

  • In case you run into a problem when creating a visualisation in Tableau, it is very likely that someone else has already solved this problem. By googling the questions you have about creating your visualisation, you will most likely find the answers quickly. This is one of the advantages of the large, active, community which Tableau has. Besides that, Tableau takes requests for new functionalities into account, as suggested by the community. This results in many interesting new features for every new release of Tableau (which is free and can be installed in an hour or so).

  • Tableau has a Natuaral Language Prosessing (NLP) feature named 'Ask Data'. This allows users to ask questions in normal human language, which will be answered by Tableau with the relevant data visualisations.

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