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Working at Cadran Analytics

Cadran Analytics is a young company (we will soon celebrate our 5th anniversary), where there is an informal atmosphere. At the moment we are still a small team, where everyone knows each other very well. Because we are part of Cadran Consultancy we have 70+ colleagues with whom we also sit in one office and organize social events.

We are a data analytics consultancy, which means that we perform all kinds of data analyses for our clients and present the results in interactive dashboards. These data analyses can be on all kinds of subjects; from financial reports on sales versus budget, to logistics analyses used to optimize inventory management.

We also perform these analyses for all kinds of customers; from a charity like the Dutch Red Cross, to a technical wholesaler like Imbema.

Because we work for all kinds of customers and also perform data analyses in all kinds of areas, your work will not become monotonous quickly. This also means that you will quickly learn a lot, and because we are a small team, you will also quickly have responsibilities.